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TGT kya hai, TGT kiya hai | What is the TGT , TGT SALARY, ELIGIBILITY , VACANCY FORM 

TGT KYA HAI , what is tgt

 TGT FULL FORM -Trained graduate teacher)

Full form of TGT- trained graduate teacher hai, TGT is called trend graduate teacher, TGT is done after BA, BSc, BCom i.e. graduation, after doing TGT TGT becomes a secondary school teacher in which you are in class 9 to 10 You will come to read the classes of

Why does TGT appear?, WHY IS IMPORTANT TGT 

Each state conducts the TGT exam. Each state has a different pattern for conducting the exam. In Uttar Pradesh, the PGT exam is conducted with a single subject. The meaning here is that any of your favorite subjects that you have studied in your graduation Exams related to TGT are conducted, it is mandatory for you to add the full form of b.Ed to give TGT exam.

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tgt kya hai,tgt kya hai in hindi tgt क्या है, tgt kya hai pgt kya hai, tgt kya hai english me,tgt kya h tgt kya h in hindi tgt pgt kya hai in English, tgt course kya hai, tgt aur pgt kya hai

Bachelor education b.Ed’s exam is done after graduation, earlier it used to be 1 year Diploma A degree but Now in time it is a 2 years exam as soon as you clear and if you want to become a teacher then for that you also have to add b.a. If you do B.Ed after graduation then only you can appear in TGT exam.

What is learning in B.Ed? What is taught?

B.Ed exam is of 2 years, in b.ed we are taught educational how to handle the children, how the child falls, what are the changes in the child, what are the circumstances of the child, if any If a person also adds, then he comes to know that what those children want to do, why are they not studying in the class, but b.Ed should be done regularly because in that we get to learn well, by which we become teachers in the future. So all those qualities of a teacher are inside us, which can be called a gentle and gentleman, that is, a super teacher.

What are the benefits of B.ed. What is the advantage of b.ed. AND TGT

By doing B.Ed, one becomes a friendly teacher, just as a farmer has to work hard for 6 months to cook the crop, then the crop ripens, in the same way, after doing B.Ed, all the teachers who are Must be in a teacher means we can say right mango

Bad of B.Ed karne aap kisi bhi private college mein padhna hain aapko achi khasi salary milegi

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If you study in a private college, then you will get a minimum of 15 to ₹ 20000, but your content which is the subject, you should have a good grip on it, like if you have Hindi, then you should have a very good grip in Hindi, if you have English, then English. I should have a very good grip or maths then you should have a very good grip in maths then only I told you this 20 to 25000 but you get 40 to ₹ 50000 in private

Chautha fayda yah hai Whenever any vacancy is removed by the state government and the central government, you can participate in it and sit in the examination which is being conducted by the Uttar Pradesh government and the central government from time to time, if it once you succeed then your bat will be bat

After doing B.Ed, if you become a teacher in a government college, then if you get promoted, then becoming a principal is also beneficial for you.

The sixth benefit is that if you do B.Ed, then we do not need any other teaching degree, you can also become a primary teacher and can also become a teacher up to twelfth, if you want to become a teacher up to class twelfth. For that you must have PG

A quality develops inside you, which should be inside a teacher, although nowadays everyone becomes a teacher, but the class teacher is the only one who understands the feelings of the children and teaches them according to their feelings. Feelings do not mean this. is that mite infestation with children

And it is also said that teaching profession is the best profession, if a person teaches someone, then he is called the greatest person, no matter where he is counted.

What is the qualification required for TGT exam?

The qualification of TGT subject is different, the qualification of each subject is different, if you are preparing for mathematics, then the qualification of mathematics is BSC or BA, it is mandatory to have mathematics in BA and BSC, only then you can give mathematics exam from TGT. Can plus it is also mandatory for you to add,

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How old is TGT?

TGT is a competition exam, you have to qualify it only once and sit till the age of 62 and do a job in which you will become a teacher.

How many subjects are there in TGT?

There is a single subject in PPT, if you want to become a teacher of Mathematics, only questions will be asked from Mathematics, which will be 125, if you want to become a teacher of Social Science, then you will be asked questions related to Social Science, if you want to become a teacher of History. If you want to become a teacher of Sanskrit, then you will be asked only questions of history, that too will be 125. There is a time of 2 hours to solve the paper. Time is there if you want to become any subject teacher then you will get 2 hours time plus 125 will take same subject maybe you understand

What happens after doing TGT?

There is a thought in the mind of many people that what happens after doing TGT, let me tell you, after doing TGT, you become a government school teacher.



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